AUGUST 2016: CocInox !

CocInox "Vitnös" CDr (Final Muzik, 58.0503.VTNS)

CocInox is C.O. Caspar and Inox Kapell.
Born in 1936, C.O. Caspar is a very well-known musician, author and actionist. He has released many albums and EPs on labels like Tesco Organisation, Hau Ruck!, Waystyx and L.White Records.
Inox Kapell is also a very active solo-artist since early 90's and, even before, as member of German cult synth-industrial act Nostalgie Eternelle (listen to their 'best of'CD "Notre Dèbut" on Final Muzik).
Released in August 2016, "Vitnös" is the first CDr of a series of NINE CDrs planned on Final Muzik, all including precious archive material recorded by the duo from 1998 to 2006. Deep, bizarre, emotional experimental electronic music, diy industrial and strange ambient soundscapes. Available professionally printed / silver CDr. Layout by Deison. Strictly limited edition. Euro 10,00 + postage.





TempleZone is Giorgio Ricci, ex member of well-known E.B.M. band Temple Beat during the 90's and then active in various music projects (RAN, Monosonik...). "Neosphera" explores unknown sound-territories that will be familiar to anyone into ambient, neoelectronica, cyber-electronic and post-industrial music. Being a veteran of this scene, Giorgio Ricci is capable of creating a new sonic hybrid born from the new and the old. Imagine a slowed down version of Clock DVA's "Buried Dreams" turning into a post year 2000 modern electronic concept album, or think about one of the best projects of new millennium's digital electronic music invasion becoming darker, evoking mysterious ritual lanscapes and ancestral impulses.
Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00 + postage.



PRIORATVM "Adonis" CD (FM22)

Mirko B. project is finally back with his second CD album. The first one, "Those Who Linger", has been released on the nice Spanish label La Esencia in 2013. But, actually, Prioratvm's very first release was released by us at Final Muzik: it was a limited edition CDr, "Sancta Inquisitio" (2010), that contributed to open few doors for the work of this Italian project. Prioratvm is back to Final Muzik, and what an album! Based on Adonism, this new work explores arcane topics through delicate suggestive melodies and haunting atmospheres, creating a pure kaleidoscope of neoclassical, chamber, gothic, ambient and neofolk music. Featuring Maria Cristina Anzola (The Blue Project) on "Didusch". Brilliant remastering work by Yvan Battaglia. Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00 + postage.


NERVA "Nerva" CD (FM21)

Nerva is Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A / Subterranean Source) and Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle).
Winter 2014/2015, Andrea Bellucci and Andrea Gastaldello begin to talk about a possible collaboration together. The main focus is that of bringing together their idea of rhythm, but not just that. This is how, after long phone conversations, Nerva and the disc in the same name were created. NERVA stands for the Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application, which was used in the famous project for the United States Atomic Energy Commission and NASA from 1960 up until 1972.
Nerva is an electronic, nervy and restless album. An exploratory trip between two parallel worlds, between two different ways of interpreting the beat and the sound. From the electronic static of Landed, as if it were a long landing phase on the planet Nerva, it moves relentlessly towards the final Obscura Thule, where the rhythm disappears ... could it be that the journey will end in a land of fire and ice where the sun never sets?Recorded and mixed by Andrea Gastaldello and Andrea Bellucci at Tower Home Studio and The Box Studio, Italy between May and July 2015. Mastering: Eraldo Bernocchi. Artwork: Deison
Limited edition of 300 copies. € 12,00 + postage.


FEBRUARY 2nd, 2016: thisGrey hates the sun debut CD out on Final Muzik!

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thisGrey Hates The Sun "thisGrey Hates The Sun" CD (FM20)

Debut full length album for Italian dark electronics project thisGrey Hates The Sun, after being 'baptised' by Final Muzik with a split CD EP with Corpoparassita two years ago.
This is music for anxious, mute and solitary ghosts; it's a massive, sumptuous, black soundtrack in which thrilling, subtle dark ambient meets breathtaking experimental music. Music for desolate landscapes and for cold, empty rooms. This first album by Giordano Rivolta (the musician behind thisGrey Hates The Sun) proves that it is possible to describe darkness, alternating powerful 'sound pictures' with fragmented soundscapes captured in slow motion, where the idea of silence and absence becomes part of the music itself. A must have for fans of fine dark ambient music and new spooky electronics.
Limited to 300 copies. € 12,00 + postage.





Giancarlo Toniutti's archive material, now available for the FIRST TIME! Unreleased very first recordings from 1979, by Giancarlo Toniutti together with Tiziano Dominighini (pre "airthrob in" project!) on electric and acoustic instruments and noises. Recovered and mixed by Giancarlo Toniutti 2014. Limited to 300 copies. € 14,00 + postage.


First official press of early 80's Maurizio Bianchi's private cassette tape. 80's M.B. recordings at their very best. Welcome to NOISE-O-RAMA. Limited edition of 200 copies only. € 13,00 + postage.


DEISON / M.B. "Black Panorama" CD

One of the best Maurizio Bianchi's collaboration works and one of the best Deison's albums. Period. Music for black landscapes. MAURIZIO BIANCHI: "Prologue: The title can already say a lot of contents. When we see ahead of us a view from the inside and we see another, the two views collide and according to our state of mind we can see a negative panorama or a more positive one. That's why this work will help us to regain our peace of mind or to lose it forever, while remaining unchanged the view before us". Limited to 200 copies only. € 13,00 + postage.



CYCLIC AMP "Shrapnel In The Toyshop" 2XCD (FME8)

Double CD "Discography" release for this 80's U.K. post punk / goth noise band. Including all tracks from "Happy Ending" (cassette, 1986), "Ugly As Power" (Mini-LP, 1987), "People Of The Book" (LP, 1988), Concrete Island (12"EP, 1989). Limited 300. Essential. € 15,00 + postage.

Listen to Cyclic Amp tracks on youtube:




DEISON & UGGERI "In The Other House" LP (Fmv 05) OUT NOW!

Final Muzik label presents a new limited edition release: it's a collaboration work by our label's backbone DEISON and Italian musician MATTEO UGGERI. It has been co-released with Old Bicycle Records and Oak Editions + the artists (through their own labels Loud! and Grey Sparkle). "It was not born as a concept album, but as it was slowly becoming like the music inside it the sound work of Cristiano Deison and Matteo Uggeri ended up finding itself, step by step, enclosed between the narrow walls of an exceptional home. Arriving there from different places and positions, and never actually meeting, Friulian and Milan found themselves, perhaps inspite of themselves, together in uncomfortable rooms which were populated by dark invisible presences. It is not the scenario of a horror movie, there is no tragedy or fear, just the knowledge that somewhere else or the escape itself may be less reassuring than one has hoped. Therefore Francesca Mele's photos, both a seal of the workand source of inspiration for the music seem to further cloak the place in that sense of quiet desperation that daily life often implies."
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Price: € 15,00 each + postage -> please write to: for different shipping solutions.


December 2014: Final Muzik is proud to announce the release of "Elevator", the new full length album by Italian electronic music artist Lisfrank.
"When we were young"...but it seems yesterday when we bought Lisfrank's seminal "Man Mask" 12" vinyl EP in 1982 and, few months later, the legendary "First Relation" compilation LP produced on Fulvio Guidarelli (Lisfrank) own label, Mask Productions.

Then, for some reasons, Lisfrank disappeared, but for the fans remained one of the most important names in Italian new wave through the decades: his unique sound made of electronic synth music, new wave and dark atmospheres remained fresh, original and innovative even after 30 years.

From year 2005 something new happened into the independent music scene: a new interest in 80's music started to rise, with new labels, many reissues of old gems and new artists. It seemed it was the right time for Lisfrank's music: in year 2009 the mighty German label Anna Logue paid respect to the man releasing a discography LP+7" album, "Mask Rewind", then rereleased on CD in 2012.
Lisfrank became, again, a crucial name for the new wave and minimal synth community.

Fulvio Guidarelli started to record new songs in 2008, working on them until 2012.
The fabulous result is "Elevator", Lisfrank's comeback album after 32 years!

It is a must have for new wave, electronic and minimal synth fans, consisting of ten new songs with a warm variety of sound that is quite far from the classic standars of the minimal-synth trend: anthemic synth-wave tracks ("Resurrection", "Anna O", "War"), melancholic dark electro 'ballads' ("Those Nights"), thrilling instrumental pieces ("Elevator") and much more, all recorded using analogue instruments from the 80's.

"Elevator" has been released by Italian label Final Muzik on vinyl only, pressed on heavy red vinyl!
















Vinyl LP. Limited edition of 500 copies. Red heavy vinyl.
Co-released with Lisfrank's Masklab Productions.
Recorded at Masklab (2008-2012)
Mastered at GS Mastering & Post – Sweden
Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Lisfrank
Photos by Vianarch
Artwork by Steve Lippert

LISFRANK on Facebook

Price: € 16,00 each + postage -> please write to: for different shipping solutions.

ATTENTION: the first 70 orders will receive a special gift in a separate shipping starting from January 2015) -> a FREE, numbered CDr-single including two Lisfrank extra tracks!


Recorded and mixed during Autumn 2012. Brain electronics and Meat waves by M.B. and G.M.: outstanding analog treatments, sonic abuse and disturbing manipulated frequencies.
Brain is Meat: this is Brain electronics / Meat electronics.
One of the best M.B. collaboration CDs ever released! Mastering: Eraldo Bernocchi.
Limited to 200 copies only, cardboard sleeve, with intentional double catalogue number (CDr and sleeve).















by Alex Daniele is available for sale from Final Muzik mail order.
First limited numbered edition of 1.000 copies only!
English language only.

Price: € 27,00 + postage (please write for update postage rates).
Orders / info: please write to






















GIANLUCA BECUZZI "We Can Be Everywhere" CDr Final Muzik (FMSSD01) OUT NOW!

Featuring: SVART1, DEISON and RETINA. IT

"We Can Be Everywhere" includes collaborations with Deison, Svart1, as well as solo tracks by Italian ambient / electronic music artist Gianluca Becuzzi. "We Can Be Everywhere" is his best work to date. And his darkest one.
Limited to 200 copies only, cardboard sleeve.

"We Can Be Everywhere" on youtube:
GIANLUCA BECUZZI & SVART1 "From This Poem Of Void"




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Final Muzik CD-Singles Club

This series features 12 limited edition split CD-EPs by Italian projects/artists only, all coming out from post industrial, electronic, experimental, ambient, noise and guitar drone scene(s): 11 split CD singles and one collaboration (Deison & Mingle). All limited editions, professionally duplicated on silver CD: most of the copies are distributed through subscription, but few of them are also available through our mai order catalogue.

Write for details/prices to

- CORPOPARASSITA / thisGrey hates the sun "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 01-2014" CD EP. Limited to 60 copies, carboard sleeve. SOLD OUT / ESAURITO.

- DEISON & MINGLE "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 02-2014" Collaboration CD EP. Limited to 79 copies, carboard sleeve. SOLD OUT / ESAURITO.

- SIMON BALESTRAZZI / GIANLUCA BECUZZI "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 03-2014" Split CD EP. Limited to 99 copies, carboard sleeve.

- WORDS AND ACTIONS / RED SECTOR A "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 04-2014" Split CD EP. Words And Actions: three tracks / Red Sector A: two lengthy tracks. Limited to 60 copies, cardboard sleeve. SOLD OUT / ESAURITO.

- CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI / THE HAUNTING GREEN "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 05-2014" Split CD EP. Claudio Rocchetti lengthy sound experimentation meets surprising newcomers The Haunting Green, offering a massive wall of sound and drone assault, mixing post rock, black metal and ambient. Limited to 119 copies, cardboard sleeve.

- caligula031 / L.C.B. "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 06-2014" Split CD EP. Extreme sounds and morbid themes. L.C.B. (Le Cose Bianche) and caligula031 (Wertham side-project) message is simple, and needs no reply: this is power electronics, they way it should be done! Limited to 99 copies, cardboard sleeve.

- DYSKINESIA / SUBINTERIOR "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 07-2014" Split CD EP. Post-everything project Dyskinesia (ambient, post-rock, instrumental guitar industrial, post black metal...) contributes to the series with some reborn tracks: new body, new sound. Subinterior: this is the some of the best dark ambient music around, no more words needed! Limited to 70 copies, cardboard sleeve.

- LYKE WAKE / A HAPPY DEATH. "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 08-2015" Split CD EP. Breathtaking orchestral dark ambient by veteran Lyke Wake and cold noise from neo-tape scene warrior A Happy Death. Limited to 70 copies, cardboard sleeve.

- ERIK URSICH / UNCODIFIED "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 09-2015" Split CD EP. Erik Ursich's music is an intense hybrid of 70's synth electronica, experimetal and soundtrack/movie-material; Uncodified explores new corners of structured noise music. Limited to 70 copies, cardboard sleeve.

price € 7,00 each + postage (write for details and postage rates)

coming soon:
- CROPCIRCLE / TESTING VAULT "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 10-2015" Split CD EP.
- SVART1 / NIHIL IMPVLSE "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 11-2015" Split CD EP.
- MAGNETICA ARS LAB / CIRCUMLIVER "Final Muzik CD-Singles Club 12-2015" Split CD EP.


Final Muzik 2004-2014

10 years selling records to survive / surviving to sell records.
Happy birthday to us, and...THANK YOU!!!












Deison and Gianfranco

K2 "Variation II for Piano and Feedback; perfect version" CDr (FMN01) out NOW on Final Muzik

Strictly limited edition CDr for Kimihide Kusafuka wellknown project K2: 90 numbered copies only! Professionally duplicated silver CDr - digislim package.

Dedicated to John Cage's 100-year anniversary (1912-2012), "Variation II for Piano and Feedback; perfect version" will be the very first release of our serie Final Muzik Noise: limited edition releases dedicated to structured noise and experimental noise only.












For these recordigs K2 played: KAWAI acoustic piano, BEHRINGER XENYX802 6 channel mixer, BOSS 4 channel stereo mixer, KORG contact mic, YAMAHA e-violin, KORG Monotron & Monotron Duo, KORG Monotribe, KORG Kaoss Pad 3, BOSS multi effect processor SE-70, SHERMAN filterbank 2, BOSS Octerver OC-2, BOSS overdrive OD02R, MASF Thornoscillator, BOSS Bass Synthesizer SYN3, BOSS T Wah TW1, BOSS mega-distortion MD-2, NEXT distortion-X, BOSS equalizer GE-7, BOSS pitchshifter/delay PS-2, BOSS digital delay DD-3, FOSTEX HDD-MTR MR-16.

Order Your copy now!


+ booklet in slim DVD box – limited to 300 copies.

MAGNETICA ARS LAB is the musical project founded in Cagliari (Italy) by Arnaldo Pontis, computer specialist and electronic musician, active for a long time in the electronic experimentation and sound. He was a member of TH26, Machina Amniotica and many other musical projects.

"LoopKlänge Noise" is the magnificent result of his collaboration with the father, founder and precursor of industrial sound in Italy: MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B.
Subtitled "Verses Without Words" and inspired by the work of Vasilij Kandinskij and by his theories about necessary contamination between visual art and music, "LoopKlängeNoise" quotes two of the most important books from the author's abstract expressionist years: "Klänge" (München, 1912) and "Verses Without Words" (Moscow, 1903).
Following the original structure of the book "Verses Without Words" the artists recorded 13 double-titled tracks, in which the "second title" is an hommage to Kandinskij's 13 pictorial works originally included in this book.

Magnetica Ars Lab and Maurizio Bianchi invited some of the best projects from Sardinia's and few important artists from Italian electronic, experimental and industria music scenes. "LoopKlänge Noise" is the result of a great collaboration release featuring exclusive guest artists / musicians on each track: Fausto Rossi / FAUST'O, SIMON BALESTRAZZI (T.A.C.), CORRADO ALTIERI (Uncodified, Monosonik, Th26), RAIMONDO GAVIANO (Svart1), MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA, NICOLA BOARI (SLP), NICOLA LOCCI (Exagonal), MASSIMO OLLA (Noisedelik), ALEX NASI (Colonel XS), ROBERTO BELLI (Brigata Stirner), Kaiser Schnitt Amboss Laszlo and more.

The CD is available in a limited edition of 300 copie in slim DVD box, + a 16-page booklet with info and great photos by FABRIZIO TEDDE. All (unpublished) photos were taken by Fabrizio from industrial mining areas of the Sulcis region in Sardinia.

The booklet includes also few excerpts from writings and quotes by John Cage, Klaus Schulze, Wu Ming, William S. Burroughs, Jean Baudrillard, Luigi Russolo and more.

"We fought for painting, but painting alone will not suffice. I had the idea of a synthetic book that removed half of the old, narrow conceptions, breaking down the walls between the arts.... and finally prove that the problem of art is not a problem of form but a problem of spiritual content." Kandinskij

Going FAST! Order now.



LoopKlängeNoise on YouTube



-LYKE WAKE "The Long Last Dream" CD (FME5)


New, long awaited precious release from Final Muzik's 'Eighties' series. "The Long Last Dream" is the very first CD release by Italian's industrial electronics / oniric ambient noise cult project Lyke Wake in 30 years! Recorded from July to October 1986. Originally released on cassette-tape in 1987 on Misty Circles and Aseptic Noise labels, "The Long Last Dream" includes Lyke Wake's best experimental oniric ambient music plus an exclusive, 26 minute (!) bonus track, originally released on "Untitled", a very rare split cassette-tape with Negativ Person (Aseptic Tapes, 1988). Limited to 300 copies, digi-slim package with new artwork by Deison. Official reissue by Final Muzik. "Il disagio di chi si trova in un mondo non suo sapendo che il proprio non esiste".

-WORDS AND ACTIONS "Time Can't Be Turned Back" CD (FM18)

Words And Actions is a darkly savage synth-duo from Alessandria (Italy), described by fans as "early The Klinik meet paranoid, 'violently meditative', cold 80's minimal synth wave" (!!). "Time Can't Be Turned Back" is Words And Actions' debut...and it is their "best of", too! It's a complete collection of tracks previously distributed in 2011 and 2012 through private cassette and VHS (!) tape releases. Dark electronics, minimal synth wave, obscure gloomy 'cold wave' melodies: 14 tracks. Limited to 300 copies, digi-slim package. Essential, official reissue by Final Muzik, recommended to all fans of undergorund minimal synth wave and dark electronica.


Order now!

Sempre disponibili su Final Muzik le nostre ultime produzioni / Still available our Final Muzik releases
-M.B. "I.B.M." limited CDr (FME3)
-PSYCHE "The Influence" CD (FME4)
want to order them, too? Just write us for special prices and conditions!

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CD, CDr, vinyl, cassettes, rarities, new and used, industrial, alternative, gothic, noise, wave, experimental, avantgarde, electro, black and death metal.

WORDS AND ACTIONS "We'll Fall Where We Always Fell"
WORDS AND ACTIONS "Hearts Know Nothing"

All tracks included "Time Can't Be Turned Back" collection CD – out NOW on Final Muzik

[check related links for more Words And Actions songs!]


PSYCHE "The Influence" CD (cat. FME4) - OUT NOW!

We are proud and happy to announce that the reissue of this great, influential 80's album is now available on Final Muzik.

Completely remastered sound, nice new artwork in jewelbox edition.

For this album PSYCHE was: Darrin C Huss and David Kristian.


17 tracks, a superb classic featuring some of the most fabulous PSYCHE's electro-darkwave songs: "Misery", "Haunted", "The Sundial", "Illusion", "Dark Pool" and more plus, from the bonus tracks, an 'Immortal Mix' of "Goodbye Horses" anthem. AVAILABLE NOW!
Contact us to order your copy. info:

1 Eleanor 04:18
2 Misery 04:07
3 Haunted 04:11
4 The Influence 04:17
5 Dark Pool 04:54
6 Salvation Stranger 03:55
7 Psyche Theme 02:50
8 Secret Angel 2012 03:57
9 The Sundial 03:38
10 Twilight 04:31
11 Illusion 04:26
12 Misery's Return 04:57
13 Haunted (Hill House Mix) 05:50
14 The Sundial (Shifting Time) 03:00
15 Misery - Acoustic Rhodes 03:20
16 Salvation Stranger 2012 03:52
17 Goodbye Horses (Immortality Mix) 4:31

Limited edition of 1.000 copies.







M.B. "I.B.M." CD (cat. FME3) - OUT NOW!

A true experimental music classic by Maurizio Bianchi, originally released as private cassette in early 80's and then later bootleged on tape. This is the very first official re-release on CD of this incredible sound-material!!!
This is the most intense M.B.: raw and experimental! Released on 1:1 high quality new generation CDr -> same quality and 99% same 'look' of a glass mastered CD.
Digislim package. 350 copies.



M.B. "I..M." (excerpt) on youtube


AUTUMN 2011: Final Muzik presents the first CD-releases from the Eighties' reissue serie

"Le Trésor Maudit" CD
(cat. FME1 – 600 copies)

First official CD-reissue, previously released in 1988 as vinyl LP on Bog-Art label (cat. # BOG 101) in an edition of 300 copies. Digi-slim sleeve, including all six tracks from the original vinyl + bonus tracks.Even though it was released in a strictly limited edition (original copies of the LP are now sold at very high prices), "Le Trésor Maudit" reached a  huge cult-status within the industrial scene. Following the best 80's German music tradition, the band put together different styles into an unique
sound, strong and suggestive at the same time.


Rhythmic, hypnotic “new wave” (with female vocals) meets courageous experimental music, classic industrial and art-electronics.
Mortification To The Flesh: Annett Falkenheiner, Hubert Haverkamp, Imelle Von Dohlen. Featuring, amongst others, contributions by (!) Al Margolis and Giancarlo Toniutti. An essential album for the fans of German industrial music and underground new wave.  ORDER IT NOW!





"Notre Début" CD
(cat. FME2 – 600 copies)

Nostalgie Éternelle was a German duo active from 1986 to 1991. Stefan Heinze (well-known as Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson (later member of Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, with Siegmar Fricke) recorded a large number of songs in just few years, distributing them mainly through self-released tapes and international cassette compilations. “Notre Début” is a collection of twenty (!) remastered tracks from Nostalgie Éternelle solo cassettes and compilation tapes, 1988 – 1991, now available on CD for the first time in a handnumbered digi-slim sleeve. 


Classic 80's dark minimal synth-wave, distant obscure vocals, thrilling synthscapes, including influences from icy electronic music and d.i.y. industrial.“Notre Début” is also an open window to know better 80's cassette-scene and culture; n example, four songs have been previously released on two tapes in 1988, on my old Discipline Produzioni cassette-label: releasing this CD has been a great chance to bring them back to life, together with songs published at that time by 80's cult labels such as Insane Music, Jar, EE Tapes, Headkleaner, Weed Music and more. A cold, dark “Goodbye!” to 80's decade and a claustrophobic “Hello!” to the upcoming 90's. Someone told us that 2011 will be the year of Nostagie Éternelle comeback: If so (fingers crossed), “Notre Début” will be the best introduction to this precious, interesting, original 80's electro-wave band.



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ALL MY FAITH LOST... "Decade" CD (Final Muzik) FM17.
“Decade” is the NEW CD by well-know ethereal/romantic darkwave act All My Faith Lost...! Length: 28.52, equivalent of a mini-album. Available in digi-slim sleeve, including all new / unreleased tracks + a new, brilliant version of “Land's End” (originally available on Final Muzik's “Tal Mont De Lune” CD compilation). “Decade” has been released to celebrate the first 10 years of All My Faith Lost, featuring (as a big “thank you!”) some guests and friends who have supported and helped the band during these years.
The mini-album has been officially licensed from Cold Meat Industry, and it has been remastered by Mr. Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre). A little masterpiece of melancholy and romantic poetry, highly recommended to all fans of this amazing band!
I'm very happy and deeply honored that this 10th anniversary album wll be available through Final Muzik, after releasing “In A Sea, In A Lake...” debut CDr about eight years ago, on my old Sin Organisation label.
Tracklist: Drowning / Ancora / Land's End / Angelike pt. III / Damnation / Apart / Still / Caligo / Angelike pt. II
Viola Roccagli: Vocals, Flute, Synth and Lyrics; Federico Salvador: Guitars, Vocals and Lyrics; with Angelo Roccagli: Guitar, Fabio Polo: Violin and a lot more, Stefania Pellizzer: Cello, + more special guests.
1 - Limited edition of 100 copies (collectors' item!), for fans and collectors: available through our website ONLY. Strictly limited and SIGNED by
Viola and Federico, including an extra mini-set of beautiful postcards + two
pins of the band. Collectors and fans: hurry!
2 - Normal edition: 1.100 copies , in nice digi-slim package. ORDER IT NOW!

TESTING VAULT "Phantasmagoria" CDr (Final Muzik) FM Special Serie 09

NEW, long awaited Dani masterpiece; limited to 200 only, digislim CD. Featuring ex-ROSEMARY'S BABY member!!! Breathtaking thrilling industrial.
Order now:
1 - ultralimited signed edition+ pin - 50 copies -ORDER IT NOW!
2 - standard edition limited to 150 copies -ORDER IT NOW!
Act fast! Listen / visit:


PRIORATVM "Sancta Inquisitio" CDr EP (Final Muzik) FM Special Serie 10

Prioratvm is a project from our Friuli region; it's dedicated to arcane
sountracks of dark ambient tension, ancient acoustic beauty and whispering presences.
Listen to some Prioratvm extremely good material visiting
Extremely limited edition, digislim CD. Very FEW copies available.


APART "Winter Fragments” 2XCDr (Final Muzik) FM16.
Trust us: this IS one of THE BEST albums ever released by Final Muzik! And...what a precious release!
It's a strictly limited double CDr, an highly professional release with fabulous artwork and fantastic packaging (a “large digipak” for double abums, like our “Program Vol. 1” compilation, remember?). The title "Winter Fragments” sums up two Apart unreleased albums, put together for this special release: “Fragments Of A Cold Broken Day” and “A Winter Project...”. Both albums end a “phase” for this project, born with “Across The Empty Night” and then developed through different (dark) music styles on this double, precious gem! Ex-All My Faith Lost member and co-founder Francis Gri collected over 110 minutes of superb music: mixing different influences and his own research, the link with his original band became thin, but it's even “emotionally” stronger now.
Music is delicate, romantic, with ardent and melancholic soundscapes, subtle arrangements, dark piano parts, female + male vocals, cinematic instrumental pieces and cold ambient tracks, unforgettable melodies and refined sound-structures.
Fans of pure, high quality ethereal music, ambient and dark wave will LOVE it. We're very enthusiast about this release, and we'd recommend it to anyone into ethereal darkwave, early-Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Cocteau Twins, instrumental post-rock, Labradford, Stars Of The Lid, Björk, soundtrack-like ambient music.
Music and arrangements: Francis Gri; male vocals: Daniele Crovato, female vocals: Lilium; cello: Martina Bertoni; drums: Maximilian Bremer.
ATTENTION please: strictly limited edition of 175 copies ONLY (about only 150 for sale!!!):ORDER IT NOW!

Final Muzik – August 2009: new releases / nuove produzioni

New HIGH quality professional CDr releases available in amazing packages / sleeves – order now: limited edition releases, some are already gone.

MUSHY “Superfetazione" CDr (Final Muzik) FM Special Serie 08.

Finally, we did it! Long awaited full length CDr album by Mushy, the girl from Rome, is available. It has been worth the wait, trust us. This release has nearly the same quality of a CD release: professional CDr, print, and beautiful poster-like cover/sleeve (if you're familiar with other Final Muzik releases, well this one isn't far from Corpoparassita's FM06 CD/sleeve packaging). Mushy is well-known in Italy for her live concerts and for an older CDr on Cold Current label. “Superfetazione” shows / expands her genuine interest and work on early 80's industrial music scene, shadowy electronics and vocal experimentation, mixing together anxiously all these influences though a deep soundtrack, where everyday life and paranoia walk hand in hand, nervously. In few words: industrial music, the way it should be done! ORDER IT NOW!

DBPIT & XXENA "Drawings At An Exhibition" CDr + 11 postcard-set (Final Muzik) FM Special Serie 11.
Co-produced/released with GattoAlieno. This new collaboration between the painter and visual artist XXENA and the industrial musician DBPIT is formed by two inseparable items: a three-part soundtrack to XXENA’s exhibitions composed and performed by DBPIT, and a 11-piece collection of full-colour reproductions of XXENA’s paintings and graphics.
The joint effort of the two artists reaches its utmost height in this unique masterpiece released by Final Muzik and GattoAlieno in only 150, luxury-packaged copies (digipack + 11 full-color postcards, wrapped in clear sleeve. DBPIT & XXENA.
Attention: 150 copies only! ORDER IT NOW!


“WWUUFFWWUUFFWWUUFF[6]” s the third Struggle At The Snuggle Factory solo album created in 2006 by Portland,Oregon based synth player/vocal-artist Demian Rufus. Developing a plane of consistency along the lines of a post-Indie militant postindustrial d.i.y. neo-folk synth-power plop aesthetic, these songs construct the Deleuze and Guattari influence with a creative act of telling parallel folk-tales of Luciferianism, Masochism, Love, Kainian mythologies, Becoming-pup-beast-man, possessed dogs like “Omen Dog”, a song written on 06-06-2006, and even a re-writing of “Satisfaction” with “Satsf-faktion”.

Deadicated to the late Jhonn Balance.150 copies. ORDER IT NOW!


NOCTURNE "Vers Le Vide" CD (Final Muzik) FM13.

Limited to 600 copies, digi-file sleeve. File under: martial industrial, experimental, dark ambient. After some CDs and vinyl releases on Steinklang, Tesco, Old Europa Café and other international labels, Nocturne is back masterpiece of somptous sadness and powerful melancholy, where black and white memories and drums of war collide. One of best Nocturne's works to date!! FOLLOW THE VETERANS! Please scroll down to check extensive review/presentation (English + French languages) written by Eric Duboys, May 2009.

Visit / listen / add:

NOCTURNE "Vers Le Vide" CD on Final Muzik

Available on May 25th!!! Limited to 600 copies, file under: martial industrial, dark ambient. € 12,90 + postage.
ENGLISH“Vers le vide” (Towards the void)  a new album by NocturneA patient work, careful over the smallest detail, perfectionnist in a word, made it possible for Saphi, (the man machine behind Nocturne) to gradually prune the elements hindering his musical singularity.I would describe the latter by evoking its subterranean nature, choked, as though it was refrained, and in which everything seems to have nearly difficulties to break through the surface of sound, requiring thus a deep, comtemplative listening. As a paradox, the universe we are in isn't for all that welcoming, nor even less alleviating.
This is at first a music of rumbling, explosion, deflagration, muted threat, creating a feeling of tension that can't get to be solved, an atmosphere of imminent disaster constantly renewed.
And yet, from this magma that bubbles with saturation, telluric electronic shocks and full drones, soon come to emerge more aerial forms _ sometimes sharper ones, mostly suggested rather than really asserted, arising and moving in evanescent ways. This orientates the tracks, in a measured yet indeniable way, to a new direction as the music evolves.
With harschness and roughness, or in the contrary, overwhelming wideness as directing forces, then rise to the surface some more distinctly elegiac colors, which are very curiously melancholic and bear anyway some feeling of abandon ; hence, maybe, the general title given to this set of sixteen new tracks.A music thus embodying the unity of opposites, giving us to perceive a struggle between what's burrowed and what arises, between annihilation and the revelation of a hidden light, existing perhaps after all, beyond the void...By Eric Duboys, 2009 May.
FRENCHUn travail patient, soucieux du plus petit détail, perfectionniste en un mot, a permis à Saphi (l’homme-machine derrière Nocturne) d’émonder progressivement les éléments qui entravaient l’expression de sa singularité musicale.
Je décrirais cette dernière en évoquant son caractère souterrain, étouffé, comme empêché, où tout semble avoir comme du mal à percer à la surface du son, obligeant à une écoute approfondie, et même presque recueillie. Le paradoxe est que nous ne sommes pour autant pas dans un univers sonore accueillant, encore moins apaisant. Il s’agit d’abord d’une musique du grondement, de l’explosion, de la déflagration, de la menace sourde, créant un sentiment de tension qui ne parvient pas à se résoudre, une atmosphère de catastrophe imminente toujours reconduite.
Et pourtant, de ce magma bouillonnant de saturation, de décharges électroniques telluriques et de drones amples, émergent bientôt des formes plus aériennes (mais aussi parfois plus tranchantes), davantage suggérées que réellement affirmées, évanescentes dans leur surgissement et dans leur mouvement, orientant de manière très mesurée mais indéniable les morceaux dans une direction nouvelle au fil de leur évolution.
La rudesse, la rugosité ou à l’inverse l’amplitude écrasante des forces en présence laissent bientôt affleurer à leur surface des couleurs plus nettement élégiaques, très curieusement mélancoliques, porteuses en tout cas d’un sentiment d’abandon certain, qui explique peut-être le titre général donné à l’ensemble de ces seize nouveaux titres.
Musique de l’alliance des contraires donc, qui donne à entendre un combat entre l’enfoui et le surgissement, entre l’anéantissement et la révélation d’une lumière cachée qui existe peut-être malgré tout, au-delà du vide.Eric Duboys, mai 2009.Contact :
Eric Duboys : www.myspace/industrialpeople
Nocturne : www.myspace/nocturnespace
English translation M.D. :

VV.AA. / RENATO RINALDI "Lenghedivacje" 2XCDr FM15

Double professional CDr, packaged in a three panels digifile with a 18-page booklet fitted to the cover.
1.050 copies, very few available. "Lenghedivacje" (released by Final Muzik with Hybrida cultural association) is about Furlan language and sound experimentation.
RENATO RINALDI and Hybrida put together an interesting project: stories and interviews in CD1 become sound source for experimental music of CD2, with outstanding
contributions from SLAWEK KWI, ERIC LA CASA, ANTJE VOWINCKEL, WEIS WARD, GIUSEPPE IELASI.€ 10,00 (Just for this item, the sum includes both registered postage and paypal fees: in fact, "Lenghedivacje" is basically a FREE release).


MAURIZIO BIANCHI & CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI CD: OUT NOW!!!! MAURIZIO BIANCHI & CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI “Alienation” CD FM14Estranging sounds complex in five unusual recordings, edited and assembled in an alienor period of two years.
Fantastic collaborative work; file under: experimental, concrete music, deep dark noise ambient.
Limited to 700 copies only.Maurizio Bianchi: tapes, radio waves, electronics, samples.
Claudio Rocchetti: dusty analog devices.
Mastered by Valerio Tricoli.Tracks:


"PROGRAM VOLUME 1" Final Muzik 2XCD promotional compilation Final Muzik released a new double promotional compilation CD on May, 6th; it has been available at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig-Germany through the CD/vinyl stand of Steinklang Records (Vielen Dank, Max!) and in WGT press-office. Yes, you're right: "promotional" simply means it is FREE, gratis, kostenlos, no money: 31 tracks by many superb projects / artists, two CDs in great packaging for free! FIRST EDITION: 250 copies -> possible reissue and further volumes in the future. FMP01. SOLD OUT !!!! Projects and artists from FINAL MUZIK releases:

Special guest-projects:
L'ÉCRIN DEL LA MISÈRE (Crisantemo Del Carrione side-project), H2S, INDUSTRIAL IMPLANT

SOLD OUT!!!! Thank you everybody for extremely positive response to this project.

FEHU "Last Days" 7" FMV04 OUT NOW! Yes, this long, long, long awaited / announced limited edition 7" is finally out! Fehu comes from Friûl; for this single this group / project plays two intense tracks ("Last Days" and "Ballad Of Volva") of dark tribal music, mysterious folk and percussive obscure soundscapes dedicated to Northern mythology. It is limited to 50 numbered copies only, available on lathe cut / polycarbonate material. Less than 10 are still in stock, we mean it's nearly sold out without making any announcement about its availability!!! Again, first comes...




TESTING VAULT "The Laughing Torso" CD FM10.

Yes, we did it. dANi/Alvo's Testing Vault debut full length CD is available through Final Muzik. Obscure, isolationist (post) industrial soundscapes: in Testing Vault's music, love is hidden by painful moods and by a breathless atmosphere of pure fear. File under: early Coil, Virgin Prunes' "A New Form Of Beauty", Rozz Williams' experimental music projects, Italian cult industrial / ritual band Rosemary's Baby. "The Laughing Torso" features moody trumpet extravaganza by DBPIT and vocals by artist Val Denham. Angst industrial / experimental music! Digipack limited edition. 500 copies.

APART "Across The Empty Night" CD FM11.
Apart is the music project by Francis M. Gri, "Across The Empty Night" is his official debut, though he already released a few private demo CDs. Francis has been member and co-founder of well-known ethereal Italian act All My Faith Lost, until "In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River..." band's official first release. "Across The Empty Night" is a fabulous dark album, developing new influences and sound structures. The songs alternate male (by Daniele Stefanuto and Alberto Milani) and female vocals (by Viola Roccagli of All My Faith Lost...), building a bridge between the ethereal music past and current moody / somptous identity. Fans of obscure dark / etehreal sounds, Projekt Records, cloudy postrock, Antimatter and – of course – All My Faith Lost will 100% love this album! Digipack, limited to 500 copies.

80's Italian punk heroes are back: new songs, new line up, new sound! 15 new great, powerful tracks, plus a few re-recorded old anthems! You know, you really need this album if you're into: Crass, early-Killing Joke, C.C.C.P., Rivolta dell'Odio, Theatre Of Hate, Italian early-80's wave and U.K. peace/anarcho-punk. Featuring Francis Tami on vocals -> In The Nursery collaborator on "Lingua" CD, radio DJ and music writer on Ascension Magazine. 500 copies, digipack.


from our Final Muzik Special Serie are now available:

ANNEN BERG "Riddles Of The Worm E.P." - CDr EP
(Final Muzik) FM Special Serie 07. Limited edition of 150 numbered copies, digipack.

Final Muzik "Pagan pop" release, beautiful melodic tunes; as written in their profile, Annen Berg influences range from The Byrds and Mamas And Papas to Death In June (!)...and it's true. Listen, please: € 7,00




AARDVARK "Born" CDr FM Special Serie 06. Digipack, limited to 140 numbered copies.

Aardvark is an Italian project of pure, apocalyptic droning dark industrial ambient, an amazing listening experience in you're into Sunn O))), Troum, Lycia, Final and / or CMI best industrial ambient acts. "Born" is an outstanding album, recommended to anyone into deep, obscure electronic music. .



"Nudi A Metà" 10"EP FMV03.

Limited to 65 copies. SOLD OUT ! Is your gramophone ready??? We're back with a new, lo-fi/vintage polycarbonate disc! Three incredible tracks, one each by D.B.P.I.T. (a thrilling / hypnotic "alien version" of Italian pop classic "La Bambola") and M.M.M. ("Sulle Strade Dell'Innocenza", a classic M.M.M. bloo'n'Martini cocktail from the worst industrial music bar), plus the collaboration cold electronics title-track. Limited to 65 numbered copies, only 40 for regular sale! € 21,00. SOLD OUT !



M.B. "Regel" CD reissue
We're proud to inform you that Final Muzik official reissue of one of MAURIZIO BIANCHI's best works is out now!
M.B. “Regel” CD (FM08)1982 recordings. Official reissue, jewel box edition, limited to 1.200 copies.
1- [23.31]
2- [23.20]
3- Acido Prussico [08.39] - first issue on "Neuengamme" Lp (Broken Flag, 1982)Write us for orders / details: special price for Final Muzik-supporters!
distributors: write us for wholesale prices!


Raise Your Paw To The Sky And Break The Truce" CD FM07.

Second Mariae Nascenti 's long awaited full length album on Final Muzik is out,
and we're proud of it! Produced by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), "Raise..." is without any doubt the best ever recorded work of Mariae Nascenti: pain, loneliness, immagination, dreams, blood, souls and flesh collide together in this emotional wonderful album. You can file it under (some) Coil or Current 93 early recordings, or it could remind you a few N.W.W. song-oriented chapters. That's ok... but "Raise..." develops though vital energy a devastating tabula rasa of feelings, through another-dimension melodies, "found" songs, silences, sudden spoken texts, obscure nightmare soundtracks and cold nocturnal music for black'n'white memories. Limited edition of 1.200 copies, digipack, including video-track and mini-booklet. Featuring musicians from Larsen, Northgate, Blind Cave Salamander, Femina Faber / Ludmila, DsorDNE, and many, many other artists and Ango's friends: Final Muzik says "THANK YOU!" to all of you for this amazing album, sisters and brothers !

Posted by FM ,october 16.2007

"Lullabies From Our Dreams" CD FM09.

We Wait For The Snow project was born in the Winter season of 2004/05. The founding member of the project is Andrea Penso, alredy active with Selaxon Lutberg and Cold Current label , helped by her old friend Simone Zuccolin. The sound is deliberately lo-fi, and it is created exclusively with economical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, cheap   keyboards, accordeon, farfisa, varius non-musical objects, flute, toys, percussions, tapes ...The aim is creating a confidential atmosphere through the balance between "dream" and "sadness". You can find this sense of precarious balance in the songs that alternate moments of pure improvisation with much more studied and controlled tracks. "Lullabies From Our Dreams" is the band's first official album; the songs are about dreams, lullabies and tales from the forest,   stories of stones, woods, leaves, dead men, big trees, and girls that speak with demons ...for fans of raw, occult and lo-fi recordings, Fursaxa, Troum, Current 93, Jackie O'Motherfu**er, Islaja, drone music and   neo psych-folk, folk noir, field recordings, concrete noise and acoustic few words, Troum meet Espers, or something like that! Beautiful digi-sleeve, limited to 600 copies.ORDER IT NOW!

Posted by FM ,october 16.2007

"Inesorabile" CD FM06.
Italian project Corpoparassita is known in the industrial underground scene for a few outstanding limited edition CDr releases. "Inesorabile" is their first full length CD, including - trust us! - the most obscure and colder stuff around! Just imagine a modern version of Italian 70's horror movies' soundtrack meeting thrilling dark ambient and morbid black noise. "Inesorabile" is a must for industrial / dark ambient fans, and it is available in a beautiful poster sleeve akin to some Crass and hc / crustcore releases. Limited to 500.ORDER IT NOW!

Posted by FM ,october 16.2007

from our Final Muzik Special Serie are now available:


Third CDr for our Final Muzik Special Serie, offering interesting music in that simple and effective it's neither a rare item nor a promo CD package. Wellenwerkman Neurosonological Research Station mastermind, Dr. Luigi Russolo (known for   - to name a few Therabaqud Leic and S.Biasin Trio) works on music with his wellknown theory and practice approach. Supported by Dr. G.R. and Dr. D.G., WNRS recorded 23 tracks, over 77 minutes of great music ranging from 80's post industrial sounds to experimental music and modern neoelectronica. File under: Coil, The Hafler Trio, T.A.G.C., Organum. A must for 80's electronic music and contemporary electronica fans! Limited to 110 copies only.

FLUTWACHT " Final Noize" CDr FM Special Serie 04.

German power electronics / industrial noise project Flutwacht is back! "Final Noize" CDr album consists of nine powerful tracks, including the anthemic rhythmic noise assault of "She's A Wolf" (it'll be a classic in the club scene, but will any DJ have enough guts to play it). Feel free to listen to some Flutwacht stuff visiting the profile , and believe us, the sounds like description is perfect: crushing machines, broken wire, meatgrinder, whispering walls, field recordings, chains, metal and bodyparts...Limited edition of 210 copies in cardboard + sticker package.

VERHÖREN "Death Is Safe" CDr FM Special Serie 05.

What can we say? We're proud of this album! It is fantastic, we LOVE it! Verhören is a one-man project of solitary, often depressive, mood pieces. Intense, impressive, emotional moodscapes for the lost: this music touches the heart and imagination of anyone into dark ambient music, cinematic soundscapes and / or even dark wave atmospheres. Influences include: In Slaughter Natives, Neu!, Dead Can Dance, Raison D'Etre and Skepticism! We'd also add Lycia, Swartalf and first class CMI projects. Please visit to know more about this project and to listen to some tracks: Alone In Autumn, Neptune Bleeding and Ossuary are all featured in ?Death Is Safe?. WARNING: limited edition of 210 hand-numbered copies, beautiful DIGIPACK edition.


Two strictly limited private edition records are available now on Final Muzik.
The records are not pressed on average vynil, but on clear polycarbonate discs; sound dynamics of these highly collectable items are slightly different from traditional vinyl and (obviously) compact disc formats, but – don't worry – you don't need to buy a gramophone to hear them. For both neo folk and power electronics music, polycarbonate discs seem to be a good media!


Split record by great neo folk projects Sonne Hagal (Germany), and Albireon (Italy). Tracklist: SONNE HAGAL “The Blank Rune (æ version)”, ALBIREON “Spighe” (“Spighe” is a cover version of “Eismahd” by Sonne Hagal, with Italian lyrics by Albireon's Davide Borghi. Limited to 60 (yes, 60!!! NOT 600) numbered copies.

WERTHAM "Good Intentions” 7” FMV02.

Final Muzik will offer to the whole planet only 50 (!) numbered copies of this 7” single by world's best power electronics project. Including a 4 postcard-set. € 17,00 Only very FEW copies will be available through the artists (almost all already preordered).Please preorder Your copy NOW writing us to
we'll promptly write You back with total of Your order including postage and packing rates (above prices do NOT include P&P).
To have Your copy/s reserved / hold, you've just one thing to do: after our e-mail confirmation, send Your payment within two days.Paypal payments are preferred. Important: sorry, no trades or wholesale prices for these releases.


TEXT OF LIGHT "Un Pranzo Favoloso" CD
We're proud to announce the new CD album of TEXT OF LIGHT: "Un Pranzo Favoloso" has been recorded on 26th May 2005 at Auditorium Concordia in Pordenone (Italy) during the "Schermo Sonoro - Cinemazero" festival. In this incredible concert Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Barnes and Ulrich Krieger played on Stan Brakhage experimental movies; the band explores the concept of soundtrack and creates something new out of it, a "sonic continuum" between music and the movies, in which Stan Brackage's images become sounds. Amazing.








VV.AA. "Tal Mont De Lune" CD FM03
International compilation including 14 tracks covering ethereal/wave, neo-folk, industrial, dark ambient and related genres. "Tal Mont De Lune" includes mainly unreleased songs, live and new versions, featuring some tracks exclusively recorded for this Final Muzik release.
Our big "THANK YOU!" to all musicians involved for their friendly never ending patience.

Track list:
01. THE LAST FALL "Treasure" - Taken from the CD album "Unknown Treasures"
02. all my faith lost... "Land's End" - AMAZING year 2006 unreleased track (NOT available anywhere else!)
03. FORESTA DI FERRO "La Ultime Gnot (Ave Maria)" - Sounds assembled by Marco Deplano, Richard Leviathan and John Murphy. Vocals by Francis Tami. Unreleased new version
04. INNER GLORY "Evening Of A New Day" - 2001 unreleased archive track
05. WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW "Dharma" - Unreleased
06. CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE "O Tu Che Vieni Al Doloroso Ospizio" - Live in Toledo - Septemper 15th, 2001.
07. KNIFELADDER "Carousel" - Knifeladder is Hunter Barr, Andrew Trail and John Murphy
08. SALLY DOHERTY AND THE SUMACS "Gold" - Live performance at the Barfly, Sheffield, November 2001
09. THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK "Spiritus Patitur" - Unreleased track
10. ARGINE "In Silenzio (Moon Version)" - Unreleased year 2004 new version
11. CRISANTEMO DEL CARRIONE "Il Ballo Della Peste (Final Version)" - Unreleased new version
12. SHINING VRIL "A Secret God" - All sounds by John Murphy
13. NORTHGATE "A Blind Squirrel On The Drumkit!" - Unreleased track
14. MANIFESTO "The Pillar Upon which The World Rests"


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